8. Airbird & Napolian - Mr. Foolish

by Nate Utesch

Debut collaborative full-length from Los Angeles producer, Napolian Evans, and easily one of my most admired living electronic music producers—Brooklyn's, Joel Ford. To boot, "In The Zone," is my favorite track of 2015.

8. Jim O'Rourke - Simple Songs

by Jez Burrows

Immaculate 70s pop-rock. If you don't like it then your dad will. Listen to Half Life Crisis on Youtube.


8. Low - Ones and Sixes

by Anna Hurley

Low is one of my favorite bands of all time, even if I can't listen to them for too long or else I'll start feeling kind of sad. What Part of Me is so hauntingly beautiful, showcasing Low's signature harmonies that just blow me away

8. Mount Eerie - Sauna

by Tara McCullough

Sauna takes awhile to digest. It isn’t very accessible at first, but once you settle into it, it settles into you. Less folk; more drone. 

8. Joanna Newsom - Divers

by Richard Perez

Ocean horizon. Cloud prisms. Listen to Leaving The City on Youtube.


8. Belle & Sebastian - Girls In Peacetime Want To Dance

by Jen DeRosa

Good for: Strutting down the street in new shoes or getting your day started.

8. Lucero - All A Man Should Do

by Sasha Barr

Lucero were one of the first bands I ever did “work” for, so in some ways I can thank them for my career in the music industry. Aside from that they’re just long time friends and I’ve been following them for what I can safely call a long time. They’ve gone from bummer country to “country punk” to this "Tom Petty/Bruce Springsteen & E Street Band/whatever you want to call it” they’ve become. With this latest one I think they’ve really found whatever it was they were looking for.


8. Jamaican Queens - Downers

by Eric R. Mortensen

Detroit weirdy-babies sing about the fucked up parts of love and then you feel strangely ok with it all.

8. Mac Demarco - Another One

by Damien Correll

Another easy, breezy Mac Demarco record.


8. Jamie XX - In Colour

by Maxwell Holyoke-Hirsch

Relaxing synth work coupled with simple syncopated rhythms. A pulsating vocal is layered throughout to create a soft balanced energy.